Top 5 Personal Finance Tips for Millennials

Personal finance is a common topic that you can find in almost any circles nowadays. Millennial
communities, on the other hand, have become more serious in terms of personal finance topics
and other related discussions. Simply put – now is the right time to explore personal finance
especially if you are a millennial.

Here are some personal finance tips that you can analyze:

Save for A Rainy Day

You are probably aware of the importance of long-term saving. The human life is full of ups and
downs – you never really know what tomorrow can bring. In this case, you should have a rainy
day fund that you can access when the going gets tough. Do not underestimate the amount
that you can save at every given instance. A dollar saved today can boost your rainy day fund
significantly. Try to keep your rainy day fund in a separate bank account.

Think of Side Hustles

With rising costs and economic challenges, side hustling is no longer an opportunity. Rather, it’s
a necessity for a financially progressive life. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to start a side hustle.
With dozens of tutorials online, you can brush up your existing skill or learn a new one. If you
don’t like online side hustling, you can try reselling products in shops, bazaars, or events.
Through hard work, your side hustles might grow into successful businesses.

Build a Passive Income Web

Passive income is one of the best ways that people have become rich. Basically, passive income
will help you earn money while you are sleeping or doing something else. Some of the most
popular passive income ideas are royalties, partnerships, corporate dividends, and physical &
digital assets. Just keep in mind that building a web of passive income will take time. It’s not an
overnight affair.

Work on Your Credit Score

Millennials are now becoming more concerned about their credit scores – and they should be!
A credit score is like a barometer of your financial success. It is not the final metric, but it can
shape the opportunities that will fall on your lap someday. If you have a high credit score,
lenders will consider you trustworthy enough for a sizable loan. In case you want to start a

business with an SME loan, you won’t have a hard time applying. It’s like setting your foot in the
door – a few years ahead of time.

Map Your Financial Goals

Here’s a golden truth: everyone should have financial goals. These goals can be considered as
financial milestones that you have to aim for. Some of the goals that you can choose are
specific income amount per year, an investment option, procured assets, and major lifestyle
changes. It’s best to write down these financial goals in your personal journal.


As a millennial, you will have a diverse set of opportunities ranging from finance, career,
interests, and many other things. Wouldn’t it be nice to pursue these opportunities without
financial troubles lingering in the back of your mind? Take the step towards better personal
finance today – you won’t regret it!